Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Craft: Window Frame Earring Hanger

Things you will need:
An old window frame
A bearded man with a knife

Chicken Wire

A staple gun

Gloves and wire cutters

Hooks and chain

This may seem like a hard project but I assure you it is very easy once you get all the dirty work done.
Step One:
Remove glass from framing. I had my husband do this step as I was baking Strawberry Brown Butter Bettys, but it really isn't that hard. 

Step Two:

Staple the chicken wire to the window frame.  On my frame I found that there was an obvious front and back, but choose what side you like before stapling.  You want the staples to be on the backside.

Step Three:

Attach your screw hooks into the frame and the chain onto the hook

Ta Da!
Your done, easy as that!

Hang your earrings and enjoy! 

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