Monday, October 31, 2011

October Craft: Song Lyric Wall Art

I loved this months craft! My favorite part, it was so easy. If you have 30 minutes, and the supplies, you can do this.  I'm already thinking of variations.
Step 1: Find any old piece of art or something that has a print. Remember you are going to be spraying over it, so don't be in love with it.

Step 2: Using vinyl stick on letters, figure out your song lyrics and cut out the letters you need

Step 3: Place your letters to figure out spacing

Step 4: Peel off sticker and place onto surface

Step 5: Spray paint time! You could use any color, or even paint, I had this from an old project so I used it and loved the easiness of the spray

Step 6: Cover entire surface with paint and let dry

Step 7: Peel off your letters

Step 8: Hang and enjoy! It came out so cute!

Inspired by A Beautiful Mess

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