Monday, January 10, 2011

2010 in Review

Before we get to deep into 2011, here are a few of our favorite highlights from this past year....

in January we started off with Brad loosing his job, a major rain storm, and an incredible vacation for a week in Ireland (a perfect way to start the year)

in Feburary we got back from Ireland, I got food poisoning, we went on hikes in the Ortegas and spent time with family

in March we celebrated Brad's birthday, headed to Oregon to celebrate my sister in laws 40th, went to a wedding, and celebrated St. Patrick's day with corned beef and cabbage and reminisced about Ireland

in April we had Easter with my parents and a huge earthquake which kicked out our power for 7 hours, Brad took a 5 week job in San Francisco, celebrated Nickie's batchelorette party in San Diego for the weekend, my sister in law came in to town for my birthday weekend and we spent our time drinking at the pool and collecting shells at the beach and crafting, I planted in my garden, Molly and I saw Conan O'Brien's stage show in San Diego, and Brad came home for the weekend for his best friends wedding in Pala

in May Brad was home for a long weekend and we celebrated the Hoover Wedding at The Condor's Nest, Brad headed back to SF for 2 more weeks and I drove up for a romantic weekend in San Fran, Brad came home and we enjoyed our time catching up with friends the rest of the month

in June we spent our Sundays sleeping in and snuggling with Penny, had a garage sale, celebrated friends birthdays, went to a beautiful bridal shower,  had Mexican Train dinner parties, Mom's roses were blooming, and we had great nights with friends, bonfires and cocktails

in July Brad started working on Unstrapped (a You Tube based reality show), we spent late summer nights with friends, caught up with old friends, I went to Oregon for the weekend, went to the Country Fair, bar hopped, celebrated the 4th of July with great BBQ and Dad's famous baked beans, Brad went to Comic Con, I added to my Sid Dickens collection, and we took Penny to the beach

in august we went to our friends beautiful wedding in Beverly Hills, Penny got cyanide poisoning (don't let you dog eat hydrangeas), had lots of disc golf filled sunday fundays, spent long days at the pool, took Penny on sunset walks at the beach, Brad got a new tatoo, we had dinner with friends on a boat at the lake, went to the Darby-Q at the Perry's and did karaoke, we ate a lot of Kogi BBQ, went to the Improv for a comedy show, and had the funnest camping trip ever with the Hoover's in the Sequoia's

in September my little brother turned 20, Brad started working on a new movie called Denim Heat (it's hysterical and I will post about it later in the year), we spent Sunday mornings at the Farmer's Market and had breakfasts at Nick's in San Clemente,  we celebrated friends birthdays, went on walks at the Island, the boys celebrated Pirate Day, we started juicing, after shaving my head 2 years before (September 13th, to support my Mom as she battled cancer) I finally felt like my hair was long again and I was feeling back to myself,  I made an amazing dinner for Mabon, and we went to Knott's Scary Farm

in October we went pumpkin and apple picking in Julian, Brad got a new computer he had dreamed about for months, My brother and his wife came to California to visit for the weekend, we had tiny friends come over, we discovered food truck row, had lunch with my darling friend I never see enough, went to Cabo San Lucas for our 3 year wedding anniversary, my nephew Vince turned 18, enjoyed beautiful sunsets, and we helped our friend have a killer Halloween Haunted House and all the boys dressed up

in November we started out the month by being American and voting, battled a 100' weekend at the pool, got the flu, saw the Conan blimp, went to Ina Garten's book signing with Mom, celebrated Mom's birthday with a picnic at the beach, had Thanksgiving, went to Roger's Gardens, had a dinner party with friends, got our christmas tree and decorated for the holiday

in December Brad started working on a new short film called The Juice (also hysterical, and another one I will save for later in the year), Mom and I went to New York for a long weekend, my In laws came to visit and we had such a fun weekend with them,  I cooked ALOT, we went to some really fun Christmas Parties, battled the rain but loved the falling leaves, celebrated my Dad's birthday, watched SO many Christmas movies, had an amazing Christmas with my family, and headed to Portland to ring in the New Year!

2010 was an amazing year for us! Personally, and professionally (mostly for Brad).  I think we learned a lot about who we are, what we want in life, and the relationships we have with our friends.  I feel very thankful and blessed that we were able to do some really amazing trips this year that I will never forget. As much as I loved 2010 I was very glad to see it go, and I am VERY excited for 2011!! Hope you all had a wonderful year and I wish you all the best for 2011!  


  1. Love your blog!!!!!! Love this post!


  3. Thank you ladies! We really had an amazing year! so blessed!


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