Wednesday, January 26, 2011

January's Craft

As a person who has always loved to do crafty things I feel like I never have enough time but always want to do more crafts.  I decided that as part of my goals for 2011 that I would do one new craft a month.  My husband got me this really cool book for Christmas called "P.S. -I made this..." by Erica Domesek.  It is such a cute book filled with fun crafts.  So for January we have Bright Bangles from this book and they came out so cute! Cant wait to wear them!

- Pipe Clamps
-Bright Ribbons

loop it

knot it


1. Get all you ingredients together and ready to craft.
2. Size your bangles by adjusting the screws on the side of the pipe clamps.
3. Loop your ribbon around the bangle.
4. Once you have wrapped several times around, knot it at the end and cut off remaining ribbon.  
5. Wear them!

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