Wednesday, April 13, 2011

April Craft: Succulent Wreath

Succulents, succulents everywhere.  Every where I go lately all I have see are succulents and I love it!  I just redid our Patio with succulent pots, made several terrariums and boxes for the house filled with succulents, and now Aprils Craft, a succulent wreath.  Over the last couple of years I keep seeing these beautiful wreath at nurseries and in design magazines but they are always so expensive.  Being the crafty person I am I was determined to make one of my own and over the weekend that is just what I did.

What you need:
-Metal Wreath Ring
-Zip ties
-Floral Wire
-Floral Mesh
-A spoon for scooping
-A hot glue gun and glue

Step One:
Cut the right amount of floral mesh for the length of your wreath ring.  Fold hot dog way and zip tie end as if you are creating a sausage shape to fill. Start filling mesh with dirt until you have completely filled  and formed into sausage shape. Wrap tube with floral wire to keep closed.

Step Two:
Place dirt roll on to frame and attach with floral wire.  For extra hold zip tie metal wire onto frame

Step Three:
Remove succulents from pots and ready for planting by breaking away dirt from the roots.

Step Four:
Cut a small hole in mesh dirt roll and scoop out dirt with spoon.  Plant succulents all around your wreath till you have the look you want.

Step Five:
Wrap your wreath with moss and glue to attach firmly.

Step Six:
TA DA! A beautiful succulent wreath.  Allow to rest for a few days then water lightly and allow a few more days of rest to root . Hang securely and enjoy!

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