Monday, August 22, 2011

I have the best family!

I cherish my family so much! This has been quite the year for us all, so to be together and laugh, love and have the best time was just what all of us needed! We had such a busy long weekend and it was awesome!  We spent their first full day in Huntington Beach cruising around and shopping, got a tour of Brad's work and the boys got hooked up with swag,  that night we ate at Joe's Crab Shack and then had adult time on the roof top of our friends bar and laughed until we cried, love you Kev! The next day we got up early and spent the day at the beach. Swimming in the ocean, collecting shells, eating ice cream, and then finishing the day with pizza and beer.  We spent almost every night in the pool or the jacuzzi relaxing from the busy days.  Knott's Berry Farm all day on Sunday which as always was an exhausting blast. Monday and Tuesday we spent time at the pool, went shopping, and had delicious bbq dinners at night. It was wonderful! They all left on tuesday night and my heart broke to have them go. I love having a house full of craziness! 6 people in my small apartment, laughing, loud music, spills and crumbs, never enough towels, late nights drinking on the patio, and waking up to morning coffee talk with my sister while all the boys slept in! What a perfect way to spend the last weeks of summer! Love you 4 so much and can't wait till November! 

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