Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Ho-ho-ho and mistletoe and presents to pretty girls"

Our Christmas card
We have some how lost the battery to our camera with all the Christmas pictures on it so here are just a few iphone pics from the Christmas weekend.

It's amazing how much we do to prep for a day that feels like a heart beat of a second.  This Christmas I did get to enjoy for about 3 heartbeats though. Having a sick parent definitely puts things into perspective. Lets be real, we all know that we are going to loose our parents one day but somehow when the unknown is brought to light you see every moment with them a little different. Cancer changed me that way. In that I am so thankful. It's sad that sickness/death/tragedy is what it takes to open our eyes but maybe thats why its there.  Needless to say my eyes were open and my heart was full this Christmas. We had 3 days of fun down at my parents house and we were all in the holiday spirit.

Cheese danish on Christmas morning.  

With all the chaos Penny got really excited and had to see everything that we opened. Here, she was fascinated with my stocking and kept trying to help.

Dad as an Elf done by Brad and some iphone app.

Books for Christmas are my fave!

No my brother was not in a fight while wearing this shirt, he was trying to be festive with the red.

My sister and Mother-in-law face timing on Christmas morning.  Thank God for things like this! You don't feel so far away.

Christmas time "double guns" shots. 

This year we did Christmas dinner the day after Christmas and I have to say I loved it! It was nice to be able to spread out the holiday cheer for one more day. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday that warmed your heart and made some lasting memories with you and yours!

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