Friday, July 29, 2011

July Craft: Canvas Picnic Blanket

So back in April we were staying at a hotel in Palm Springs and they had these beautiful canvas throw/picnic blankets for sale for $150.00. I loved them but refused to pay that much for something I could very well make on my own for half of that price. Well let me tell you, I made 2 blankets and 6 pillows for under $30. So here we have it, July's craft! Perfect for a cozy picnic at the park or cuddled next to a bonfire at the beach. If you can sew a straight line you can make this! So go, do it and enjoy all summer long!

You will need:
-A painters canvas (9ft x 12ft)
-Thread/ a sewing machine
-A washer and dryer

Step1: Cut off all edges of painters canvas and cut to desired size

Step 2: Sewing 1 inch in, sew a stich around all edges of the blanket. I did a double stich but whatever you prefer.

Step 3: After sewing around edges, throw in the washing machine and then dry on high to frey the edge.

Step 4: Remove from dryer and cut off any loose or extra strings (there will be a lot)

Step 5: Go have a picnic! Yes it is seriously that easy! And if you are ambitious make a couple of pillows to match, you will have plenty of material left over!

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