Sunday, July 3, 2011

June Craft: Candles

Ok ok I know i'm a few days late.  I cant believe we are into July already! Well June's craft is easy and they make great gifts. I am such a sucker for a candle and I have so many in my house, especially in the fall, it looks like a cathedral. I've seen this craft done for years and never thought of doing it cause it seemed like a pain.  Lets just say if you can boil water, you can make these candles.

What you need:
-Wax, any kind will do. I used soy and it worked great and had an easy clean up
-Containers or jars for you candle holder
-Chop Sticks
-Essential Oils

Step One:
Melt wax in double boiler or in a glass bowl.

Step Two:
Measure wicks to container and wrap around chopstick. The chopsticks will hold the wick in place when you pour the hot wax.

Step Three:
When wax is melted remove from heat and let wax cool till about 100' then add your fragrance.  I like earthy scent so I went with lavender and patchouli.

Step Four:
Pour your wax into containers and let harden.  I left mine over night till I burned them.

Step Five:
Find a home for your candles, light and enjoy!

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