Tuesday, September 6, 2011

August Craft: Doily Print Bowl

I loved this months craft! It was cute, easy, and I made about 15 of them! I found this originally via oh, hello friend: you are loved, who found it via Creature Comforts, which brings us to the start, Sodapop Design. This is one of those great craft you coud do 100 different ways. I couldn't find the clay they mentioned, so I used DAS and it worked fine. So here is my recreation of the tutorial. Thank you Sodapop Design!

What you will need:
-A bowl for shaping and a bowl for drying
-Rolling Pin
-A hand sander or sand paper
-Knife for cutting
-Paint and paint brush

                                                              Roll out clay
                                  Place doily on clay and roll over with rolling pin
               Place bowl around pattern and push down like a cookie cutter
                                                Use knife to cup out shape
Remove edge
Place in bowl to dry to shape
Once dry sand edges to soften edge
Allow to dry

Your done! Cute and easy!

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