Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Craft: Anthro Inspired Garland

So I think we are all in love with Anthropologie and everything they do, right? Last year they had this amazing felt garland strung about the store and I knew I just had to make it. So here were are, Christmas time again and I thought what better for November's craft but this garland.  This craft is very easy it just is time consuming cutting all the leaves.  So grab a cup of tea and some good music or a mindless show. Excuse the low light pictures, it was at night on the couch by candle light I did this craft.  

You will need:
-A hot glue gun
-3 colors of felt (you could use any color you want, I did 2 greens and a brown)
-1 pack of red felt roving, or red balls if your lazy (wink)
-A piece of paper and a pencil to draw your stencil

Draw your stencil and cut into shape. Get your tea and get comfy, you will be cutting for a while. I cut all my felt into squares first and then cut out all the leaf shapes.  
After you have cut out all the shapes carefully fold the top loop in half and cut a small hole. Careful not to cut through, I speak from experience here.. 
So I felt ambitious after making felt craspedia last month, and decided to make  the holly berries but you could very easily buy red balls. I do like the look of the felt ball though. 1 bag made about 18 berries.

Cut strips of brown felt

Loop your leaves through the felt branch alternating colors. I did about 7 leaves per branch. After trying it a few different ways, I found it was the easiest to put the leaves on first and then glue the branches together.

Glue branches together

Cut a small square of brown felt. Glue 3 berries in triangle shape onto felt square.

When glue is dry cut off extra fabric.

Cut off small strip of brown felt and glue into loops where you would want to hang your garland..

Glue berries onto top of each loop.

Hang around your home and enjoy!

Happy Holiday Crafting!

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