Monday, February 14, 2011

February Craft

 I stubbled upon this cute craft on Design Sponge and thought it was so perfect for my February/Valentine's craft. It was really easy and it would make such a cute gift!

All you need:
-Table saw
-Wood Burner

On Design Sponge it says to use birch wood (birch wood is very soft and easy to burn), I couldn't find any so I just got a couple logs from the local farm.  I actually preferred the look of the darker wood but it was a bit harder so it took much more time to burn

Cut your log in half (hamburger way) and then cut each piece down the middle (hotdog way) making sure it is nice and smooth to be able to hang on a wall.  I used a hand saw at first and almost lost a finger so I definitely recommend a table saw for the entire project.  

Using your drill, drill a small hole (large enough for a nail to fit) in the back of the wood.

Chip off as little or as much of the bark as you want and figure out how you want to do your design. Let your  wood burner get really hot and start burning out your design.  I just love how they turned out!
I love the idea that they looked like tree carvings of love.  

What a perfect craft for Valentine's day!

Hope you enjoy! I had so much fun doing this craft! 

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