Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

On Friday night I surprised my husband with an early birthday present, tickets to see Jay and Silent Bob Get Old at the Jon Lovits theater in LA.  Since we started dating Brad has always been a huge fan of Kevin Smith and his movies (Clerks, Mallrats, Dogma).  For the past year or so Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) and Jason Mewes (Jay) have been doing this pod cast recanting the old days.  We listen to it all the time and it is hysterical! I certainly wouldn't recommend it to everyone but if you are familiar with Kevin Smith you will like it.  So on friday night we battled the rain and traffic and headed to Universal City Walk.  There was a line that wrapped around the building when we got there (I did not expect that) and I was happy we had gotten there early! The show was absolutely hysterical and just the people watching alone was great! Happy early Birthday Babe, I'd say I hope you had fun but I know that you did!

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