Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Food Trucks

I am so in love with the new trend of gourmet Food Trucks that migrate from LA to Orange County.  We got really into it last summer with our discovery of the Kogi Truck and Crepes Bonaparte and had so much fun following them on Twitter and then grabbing a bunch of friends for dinner and going to find the trucks.  With the show The Great Food Truck Race on Food Network (which I have never seen but have heard all about) there were so many new and different food trucks to try.  We discovered one night last summer that every Tuesday in Lake Forrest at the bowling alley they have a Food Truck Roundup with up to 7 different trucks to try and last Tuesday we hit it up.  It was a cold night but we still had fun sampling several different trucks and even had Longboards Ice Cream for dessert.  The prices are great and it's such a fun thing to do for dinner! Check em out!

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