Tuesday, March 1, 2011

LA, Pho, Comedy

Brad and I have been really into going to comedy shows lately and it is such a fun thing to do for a date night. We listen to The Pod F. Tompkast at home and had always wanted to check out his show he does at the Largo once a month. We had a beautiful drive to LA that night, I should say the sky was beautiful, driving the 5 to LA is so ugly.  We had yummy Pho at Absolutley Phobulous , and it was so good especially with the fact that it was 40' outside (that is very cold for us Californians).  We grabbed a drink before the show at The Little Room and enjoyed the old theater (built in the 40's), it reminded me very much of a place we would go to in Portland.  Paul F. Tompkins did a great show that night and had special guests Donald Glover (from Community) and Justin Kirk (from Weeds).  We had such a fun time and if you haven't listened to The Pod F. Tompkast I really recommend it or better yet check out his show he does once a month at the Largo.


  1. i am a pho freak! awesome pics, seems like a lovely day in LA.

  2. It surely was!! And it was my first Pho, I think I'm obsessed now!


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