Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Decemberists

Sitting in the office with my husband talking and listening to The Decemberists.  Brad and I fell in love with The Decemberists on a rainy road trip to Portland, since then they always remind me of Oregon, cold rain, and fall leaves.  I think every couple has a soundtrack to their love story.  The Decemberists is on ours.  Listening to them feels like what it feels like to fall in love, well to me anyways.  We leave on Thursday for Portland and I couldn't be more excited!  Part of my heart is always there, I fell in love in Oregon, I got married there, and some of my best memories are there.  Thank you Decemberists for giving us our excitement tonight for our trip and for being part of our soundtrack.

Might I also mention my darling husband surprised me with tickets to there show in February!!! Cant wait for their new album in January, until then I will have to settle with these teasers.  


  1. looove the decemberists, they remind me of chilly days living, working and biking in SF. but on side note, i want to move to oregon! seriously, i researched neighborhoods in portland. have fun on your trip, safe travels!

  2. If you love SF you will LOVE Portland! Happy New Year!


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