Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I admit it, I'm a chapstick addict!

Yes I admit it, I am that person who at any given moment has to have chapstick on my lips.  I drive my husband crazy with it but he should be happy I have such soft kissable lips!  In my life as an addict I think I have tried every kind of lips out there and never really got hooked on just one brand.  That is until I found Terra Firma Botanicals.  Last year at the Oregon Country Fair my sister and I found their booth in a tucked away little corner.  I was suffering from exhaustion and heat stroke (not really, it was a 100' though and it was intense) and as my sister checked out all of their things I took a minute to relax and didn't give them a second thought.  That is until I tried her chapstick..... At this point we had walked so far from Terra Firma's booth there was no way we were going to find it again.  It hands down was the smoothest, non sticky, yummy tasting chapstick I had ever found in my life!  That night as we looked over all of our purchases from the day I still had such regret that I didn't buy that damn chapstick! Luckily they had their web site on the tube and thanks to my handy dandy IPhone I ordered one that night.  By the time I got home from Oregon it was at my house and I was ruined (in a good way) forever.  All of their things are wonderful, local, and certified organic!  My favorites are their Love Oil Lip Balm and the Tangerine Lipps.  I also use and love their Rosemary Hair oil and it smells sooo good!  Check out their site and if you are an addict like me, take my word for it, you will love their lip balms!

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